Full Service

This is a once a year service.  Your bike will be completely stripped down to components (all positions marked to ensure your riding position is maintained), each component cleaned, checked for wear, replaced where required (by agreement) and then rebuilt.  All bearings will be checked for wear, play and general condition.  What's the difference here?

 - Full bike (including wheelset) wash and frameset wax

 - Tyres checked and all embedded stones and flint removed

 - Wheels checked for trueness and small adjustments included

 - Any additional work (Di2, hydro bleeding etc) charged at £60/hour

£140 plus cost of parts where required

Seasonal Service

This is a service I'd recommend before and after winter.  This service is a full drivetrain service and includes a full drivetrain strip-down, deep clean, check for wear and replaced where needed (by agreement) and reinstalled.  Mudguards mounted / dismounted and cleaned where required.


This service includes a full bike wash.

£100 plus cost of parts where required

Other Services

This depends entirely on what is needed.  All bases are covered here including all hubs and bikes (including Chris King R45, which requires specialist tools).  Some more obscure or older hubs and components we can discuss and come up with a plan.  As this is completely based on a case by case basis, this service is charged on an hourly basis.

£60 / hour plus parts

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